Salem Social Service Society

To proclaim liberty to the captives

Salem Social Service Society Millenium Development Goals

New Thrust Project


"Strengthening the Livelihood Promotional Capacities of Union Cbos."


  1. Enabling Livelihood promotional capacities of union CBOs members
  2. Promoting and sustaining marketing skills of CBO members.
  3. Enabling CBOs to generate funds manage them for right based issues.
  4. Providing linkages with different marketing agencies.

Trainings given to CBOs:

  1. Concept and functioning of CBOs.
  2. Fund raising and Management.
  3. Micro finance and micro credit system.
  4. Training on Organic Agriculture.
  5. Training on RTI and PRI.
  6. Networking and advocacy.
  7. Resource mobilization and Resource utilization.
  8. Maintenance of registers.
  9. Training on marketing and linkage services.
  10. Training on types of savings and investment schemes.
  11. Training on social mapping and baseline survey.
  12. Training on Panchayat Raj institutions.

CBOs Profile:

  1. Number of Groups benefitted through Bank Loan : 378.
  2. Number members benefitted through Bank Loan : 1659.


  1. Children's education is progressing without interruption.
  2. Families are getting regular income.
  3. Many SHG members are self employed.
  4. Women actively participate in decision making in their families.
  5. CBOs positions have increased.

Amount received through Government Schemes by CBOs:


Human Rights Day

Human Rights day was observed in all the nine CBOs in December 2010. Seminars were conducted at various places on topics such as the rights of women, violation of Human Rights and on environmental protection.