Salem Social Service Society

To proclaim liberty to the captives

Salem Social Service Society Millenium Development Goals



Integrated Approach to Development through Empowerment and Action (IDEA).


To make Integrated Approach to Development of Women in Socio Economic and Health fields and their Empowerment by Action in Omalur, Idappady and Namagiripet Unions by 2013.


  1. To address poverty through poverty alleviation programmes
  2. To eradicate Female Foeticide and Female Infanticide.
  3. To reduce the occurrence of HIV / AIDS and rehabilitate the PLWHAs.

Structures Developed and their achievement and contribution:

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Core Development Cell (CDC)

CDC Provided the ideology backup and resources for carrying out campaign against female infanticide female child protection programmes.


Core Committee for Net working and Advocacy (CCNA)

12 NGOs participated in the network meetings and discussed the issues of female infanticide in the target areas and ensured their support towards the campaigns and rights based activities.


Thrust Area Committees  (TAC)

TAC members in micro enterprises by way of providing valuable trade specific counseling.

Activity details and results achieved for thematic intervention:

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Activities Implemented

Out Come


To alleviate poverty:

27 New SHGs have been formed.

Trade Orientation seminars for the 90 Entrepreneurs of SHGs were conducted.

Trade Specific Training for the 120 Entrepreneurs of SHG were conducted.

60 women Entrepreneurs of SHGs learnt about the production and marketing of anklets (Leg chains -Kolusu).

40 Women members were able to make right trade options.

The new entrepreneurs' individual income level has increased from Rs. 2500 to 4000 per month.


To Check Female infanticide / Foeticide:


To organize Awareness Seminars on Female Infanticide

5 seminar on the Evil Effects of Female Feticide was conducted for the Vigilance Committees Federation Leaders and SHGs.

Federations, SHGs and Vigilance Committees have become aware of evils of Female Feticide and have realized the need to protect female children.


To strengthen the 3 Union Federations

4 SWOT Analysis and PRA workshops were conducted for the staff and Federation leaders.

The performance and participation level of the staff and federation leaders has improved.