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FLOOD RELIEF - Caritas India


Assistance for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Measures for the Flood Victims In Salem and Namakkal Districts


To take up relief measures for 225 flood victims in Salem and Namakkal districts.


  1. To provide relief materials such as Bed sheets, cloths, cooking vessels stoves and mats.
  2. To take care of the health and hygienic conditions of the flood affected women, children, sick and old people.
  3. To provide education support to students affected by flood.
  4. The heavy rainfall during the monsoon in 2010 created a great damage to the crops, houses and the people in many parts of Salem and Namakkal districts living along the Cavery delta. Though there were numerous villages under the calamity of flood, 225 flood victims from 40 most affected villages were helped with relief materials with the timely support from Caritas India.

Details of Relief Work:

  1. Educational materials were distributed to 75 students.
  2. Medicines assistance was given to 50 persons.
  3. 98 families were given household articles.
  4. Trainings were also provided on disaster preparedness in the affected vilages.