Salem Social Service Society

To proclaim liberty to the captives

Salem Social Service Society Millenium Development Goals



"To impart training on Panchayat Raj to 200 leaders of 40 Women and Agricultural labourer's groups in Tharamangalam and Idapady Unions in Salem District."


  1. To create political awareness among the women leaders.
  2. To disseminate knowledge on Panchayat Raj system.
  3. To enable the people to elect right candidates in the local body's elections / assembly elections.
  4. To educate the people about the roles and responsibilities of elected representatives.
  5. To eradicate female infanticide with the support of the Panchayat councils of the target unions.
  6. To enable the general public to use the powers of the Panchayat for their overall development.
  7. To spread the wave of political awareness among the villagers through women groups.

Results achieved:

  1. 200 leaders of Women and Agricultural Labourer's groups have acquired knowledge about Panchayat Raj system of local self governance.
  2. The Leaders have gained greater political awareness to elect right candidates in the local body election and other general elections.
  3. The project beneficiaries have developed good rapport with the Panchayat council and they help Panchayat Councils to function effectively.
  4. The target beneficiaries have decided not succumb to Caste favoritism / monetary gifts / Material gifts offered by political parties during the elections.
  5. The leaders have been motivated to raise awareness in their areas regarding exercising their franchise.