Salem Social Service Society

To proclaim liberty to the captives

Salem Social Service Society Millenium Development Goals



To create legal awareness to 250 Tribal Youth (150 boys and 100 Girls) in Yercaud Union of Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India.


  1. To protect Tribal girls from the violation of Women - Rights
  2. To enable the target villagers to be aware of Legal Aid, its principles and systems through the trained youth.
  3. To enable the target people to make use of the Law to resolve their personal and social issues such as wage disparity, low wage, Domestic violence etc.
  4. To enable the people to protect themselves from the exploitation in the Work places, / in the hands of High-caste people.
  5. To protect the Tribal youth from anti-social elements / disturbing Communal groups.
  6. To protect the tribal people from the unlawful interference of Forest / Police officials.

Trainings conducted:

  1. Human Rights and application of Human Rights principles.
  2. Women and Child Rights and application of Child Right's principles.
  3. Labour Rights and their application in real life situations.
  4. Judicial Remedies and Procedures.
  5. Features, Procedures and application of RTI Act.
  6. Role and Responsibilities of Youth and Women in the promotion of Legal Aid.
  7. Legal Resource Centres and their functioning.

Achieved Results:

  1. 250 Tribal Youth were educated about Human Rights.
  2. The youth have become aware of RTI Act and its practical application in their lives.
  3. 100 Tribal girls gained knowledge on Women Rights.
  4. The 250 Tribal youth came to know about Labour Rights.
  5. The 250 Youth learnt the legal procedures for tackling wage issues, Violation of labour rights, Gender issues and Social issues.
  6. The target area and its people have gained access to Legal Resource Centres (Free Legal AID forums Human Rights Councils, Consumer Rights councils, Judicial Courts etc.)
  7. 250 have become promoters of Legal Awareness in the tribal villages.