Salem Social Service Society

To proclaim liberty to the captives

Salem Social Service Society Millenium Development Goals



"Sustainable Livelihood of Vulnerable Women and Resource hindered Poor Farmers through Integrated Farming and Livestock development effecting positive impact on climate change"

Project Objectives:

  1. To sensitize Women about gender issues and risks at work places.
  2. To ensure food security through supporting livelihood initiatives.
  3. To equip the farmers with knowledge of sustainable agriculture.
  4. To reduce the impact of global warming and climate change
  5. Lobbying and building liaison with various government departments.

Target area: Salem and Namakkal Districts

From Salem and Namakkal CBOs, 225 persons have been identified for the distribution of goats. The beneficiaries were also given training on organic farming and natural agricultural practices.

Capacity Building Training on Livestock Development:

A Capacity Building Training on Livestock Development was conducted for 50 leaders of farmers' groups at SSSS. Input was given on the modern methods of goat and cattle rearing, cattle feed and marketing techniques.

A seminar on Live Stock Development and Climate Change was organized for 250 women SHG members. Dr. Pandian H.O.D, Veterinary Medical Collage Namakkal gave an elaborate talk on goat rearing for sustainable development of the resource hindered poor farmers.



How do you take care of the goat? Is it difficult to do so?

"I take care of the goat as my fourth child. I keep the goat inside the house. I take the goat for feeding by walking it around to find grasses and weeds. I also feed it coconut byproducts and give it water every day. It's not difficult to take care of the goat; I treat it as an asset."

How has the goat impacted your life socially and economically?

"Socially I feel better off because previously I had no property. Our home is rented and the land we farm is also rented. Therefore, the goat is the first property that my family actually owns. Economically the goat will give 10-12 kids over the next four years, which will equal about 30,000 Rupees including the mother goat. That is a lot of money in this village."

What do you hope to achieve with the goat?

"I hope to get the ability and motivation to escape poverty and to advance economically."

What are your plans for the goat?

"My plan is to pass on a goat from the first delivery and to keep adding goats to make a herd. I will keep all the females and one male so that my herd keeps growing. I will sell the other males in the market to make money along the way."

How have you seen the community change/advance as a result of the program?

"The microcredit group has added many new members because the goat program has attracted them. This is good for the community because it provides us with loans and assets to advance our lives."